Brow Henna + Waxing Course

Learn the art of advanced Brow Henna Artistry and Brow Shaping. Our Brow Henna + Waxing course is designed to help you gain the fundamentals of brow henna application, brow mapping, and shaping the brows with waxing. This course covers comprehensive brow theory, introduction to Brow Henna, DASHBROWZ™ Signature 3-Point Brow Mapping Technique, waxing theory & application, Henna application, DASHBROWZ™Product Knowledge, Safety & Sanitization, Consultation Procedures, Aftercare, and so much more! You will receive certification in Advanced Brow Henna + Waxing upon completion. Course is available for 35 days post-purchase.

  • 1

    Masterclass Theory

    • Disclaimer

    • The Hair Growth Cycle

    • Product Knowledge

    • Skin Types

    • Safety & Infection Control

    • Hygiene & Safety

    • Client Consultation Forms

    • Contra-Indications

    • Common Brow Problems

    • Brow Mapping

    • Waxing Assesment

  • 2

    Application: Live Model 1

    • Cleansing the Brows

    • Brow Mapping

    • Waxing Application

    • Brow Scrub

    • Henna Application

  • 3

    Application: Live Model 2

    • Cleansing the Brows

    • Brow Scrub

    • Henna Application